Independent Surveys and Consultancy for Professionals and Homeowners in the fields of Dampness in Buildings, and Timber defects of Rot and Beetle attack.

Few genuinely independent surveyors or consultants exist with a good depth of knowledge in these fields. Les has over 30 years experience in these areas, based on a science background and laboratory work as well as surveying on site. He has appropriate qualifications and insurance, and can advise on works which are actually needed or are advisable, depending on circumstances, rather than blanket precautionary works at high cost.

We offer a range of services to professionals and home owners:-

Survey service

Independent non-destructive inspections and reports on dampness problems and timber decay in buildings

Inspection of mould and condensation problems in houses

Dispute intervention services

Advice on Disputes, including mediation

Diagnostic Site Inspections, including sampling and analysis where appropriate.

Expert Witness provision